Welcome to Emmet County Energy

Emmet County Energy, LLC, based in north central, Iowa, was formed in 2005 specifically for the purpose of developing a 200 megawatt (MW) community-owned wind project located in Emmet and Dickinson Counties, Iowa. The project is collectively referred to as the NorthStar Wind Farm.

The local community stands behind the NorthStar Wind Farm. The main objective of the project is to generate clean energy and keep a substantial amount of its economic benefits in the community and with the local investors.
National Wind is the developer for the NorthStar Wind Farm.

Wind Energy: United States and Iowa

Wind energy is the fastest growing source of power generation in the country. Wind offers a clean, limitless, low-cost energy solution for electricity generation. The NorthStar Wind Farm alone will provide enough electricity to power nearly 60,000 homes (300 homes per megawatt) and will eliminate up to one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Federal policy efforts continue to drive wind developments across the country and in Iowa. Iowa leads the Midwest in wind energy production and is the nation’s second largest producer of electricity from wind.

Mission Statement

Emmet County Energy, LLC exists to produce and develop community-owned wind projects which are sustainable and environmentally responsible for generations to come. The company’s financial commitment is to create a thriving resource for the local economy, assuring a majority of the project’s financial benefits are shared with its local stockholders, area landowners, and the surrounding community.